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“An ingeniously crafted work . . . provides invaluable hours of storytime enjoyment.” ForeWord, June 1999

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Harley, like a person
Written by Cat Bauer

The Children's Book Review Service, 3/1/2000
"Harley was named after her grandmother, not the motorcycle. And so begins a story about a 14-year-old whose entire life reflects the dichotomy of what is and what appears to be. . . . The book is not only a good read, but a great discussion book as well."

Voices from the Middle, National Council of Teachers of English, 12/1/2000
“Harley does not fit in, not in her family and not at school. She becomes convinced that she's adopted, a conviction strengthened when she discovers a doll with a note attached to it. The note reads, “Papa loves you forever and a day.” It is not in her father's handwriting. Thus begins Harley's search for identity—the identity of the man who wrote the note and the identity of the person she was meant to be. Here is another coming of age story made unique by the distinctive voice of the narrator. Harley is at once brash and withdrawn, cocky and insecure, brave and fearful. Most of all, she is a living, breathing character who sets to work to solve her own problems.”

The Horn Book Guide, 11/1/2000
“In a frank, first-person narrative, Harley tells the story of her fifteenth year, a year in which she uncovers the truth about her parentage, loses her best friend, experiences her first love, and begins to define herself. The teenager-ish writing convincingly evokes Harley's honest voice.”