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Harley, like a person
“Readers will devour this fresh, honest story of self-discovery.” -, What We're Reading, April 2000

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The Practically Perfect Pajamas
Written by Erik Brooks
Illustrated by Erik Brooks

Librarian's Book Review, Pittsburgh, 4/1/2000
"Percy the polar bear is teased by the other polar bears about his pajamas. . . . Good message about thinking for one's self."

Clark County School District, Library Services Book Review , 4/1/2000
"Wonderful illustrations throughout the book. I loved the occasional use of ‘pajama' print to begin a page. This book centers around a common topic—that each one of us is an individual and should be appreciated for our uniqueness. The book also underscores the importance of tolerance and understanding. Highly recommended"

Nevada Book Review Program , 3/1/2000
"This is a cute story about a polar bear that liked to wear his warm and colorful pajamas all of the time. . . . The colorful illustrations are outstanding and they were drawn by the author. Recommended."