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The Girl Who Lost Her Smile
“ An elegant, unusual story ” -Booklist, November 2000

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A Taste of Honey
Written by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace
Illustrated by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

Booklinks, 10/30/2001
"Lily Bear wants to know where honey comes from... Repeating the same question, she learns about the honey farm, the bee yard, the extractor, the honeycomb, the hive, and finally the flowers that produce nectar. Enchanting cutout paper illustrations in bold colors give the story a magical three-dimensional quality. The story is printed in large type, while details about bees and honey making appear in smaller-size text. Also included are honey facts and a double-page-spread board game. Youngsters will enjoy performing the story as a simple play."

Syndicated/Copley News Service, 6/20/2001
“Everyone knows bears love honey. In this colorful, collage-filled book, Lily Bear wants to know where her favorite snack comes from. . . .

Though this charming, three-dimensional book is fictional, brightly colored diagrams and sidebars show the true steps in making honey. Bear fans will love this look at honey, and should be charmed by a board game at the end.”

Yellow Brick Road, 5/1/2001
"Lily's question, ‘Where does honey come from?' stirs a search from the spoon to the bee. The steps of honey production . . . are embraced in an interesting story with excellent illustrations. The website for provides more."