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“Readers will devour this fresh, honest story of self-discovery.” -, What We're Reading, April 2000

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Aria of the Sea
Written by Dia Calhoun
Illustrated by Gennady Spirin

VOYA, 10/1/2000
"Set in the fantasy kingdom of Windward, this wondrous tale of competition, self-discovery, and forgiveness chronicles the life of Cerinthe Gale, a thirteen-year-old healer who dreams of being a dancer. . . . Unlike many fantasy novels with a dance theme, ARIA OF THE SEA offers readers more than just a glimpse at the art, taking a deeper look at faith, social class divisions, and individuality. Characters in the novel are memorable and true, flesh and blood to readers . . . With a strong female protagonist who has a passionate attachment to nature and the sea, Calhoun creates a world that completely pulls the reader into it. The first-person story will have wide appeal, and it is a highly recommended purchase for all public and school libraries."

Mythprint, 6/1/2001
“The author of Firegold has created another beautifully written, powerful fantasy that will appeal to young women who are trying to make their own decisions about their future lives.”

New England Children's Bookselling Advisory Council, 12/4/2000
"Cerinthe was a folk healer, until her healing failed to work on her own mother. Now she is fiercely pursuing the dream that she and her mother had for her, to be a great dancer. Cerinthe's strength of character is obvious as she works to overcome poverty, the spite of other wannabe dancers, her own doubts and fears and loneliness. Calhoun's imaginative story, interesting setting and strong characters make this an outstanding book. Significant underlying message: to be happy you must be true to yourself. Very highly recommended."