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The Girl Who Lost Her Smile
“ An elegant, unusual story ” -Booklist, November 2000

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The Miracle of the Myrrh
Written by Marci Alborghetti
Illustrated by Hervé Blondon

The Horn Book Guide, 10/15/2001
When Mary, the mother of Jesus, bequeaths the three Wise Men's gifts to Mendel, the young boy's mother wants to profit from the riches, but Mendel insists on using them to help others. In the process, his own disability is cured.

Guideposts, 10/1/2000
"An unforgettably poignant original Christmas story of sacrificial hope that may enable readers from nine to ninety to experience Christmas with newfound tenderness. Release your imagination and discover what could have ultimately happened to the beloved Little Drummer Boy and the exquisite gifts the Wise Men left for baby Jesus."

Margaret Crowley, RSM, International Education Consultant, Sisters of Mercy, 10/1/2000
"Marci Alborghetti has written a children's story which will be a Christmas favorite for years to come. The Miracle of the Myrrh is a sensitive tale showing us the blessings we receive when we generously offer our gifts to meet another's needs. I can picture myself reading this to a child every Christmas season."