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Young Coal Miner.

Veggie Soup
"A delightful book . . . A good storytime selection." —School Library Journal, October 2000

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The Keeper of Ugly Sounds
Written by Eleanor Walsh Meyer
Illustrated by Vlad Guzner

Lorgnette, 5/1/1999
"The story is well-written and wonderfully illustrated and is made even more interesting when combined with the Web page games and related links. It's bound to be a favorite among parents and teachers of grumpy children!"

Tacoma Public Schools, 3/1/1999
"The theme of this book is one that every child can relate to, and one that every child can benefit from. The excellent bold paintings . . . enhance the text."

Nevada Book Review, 3/1/1999
". . . [A] great storyline with grand, large, full-colored illustrations. The making for a classic. Deserves a place in both private and public children's collections."