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An American Booksellers Association KIDS' PICK OF THE LISTS, Fall 2000.

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The Keeper of Ugly Sounds
Written by Eleanor Walsh Meyer
Illustrated by Vlad Guzner

Washoe County School District, 3/1/1999
"What a clever book. I was reminded of the Mrs. Piggle Wiggle books where there is an important lesson to be learned. While teachers will certainly enjoy the book, I think that parents will like it even more. While the moral isn't to be missed, Meyer has softened that message with humor."

Central Florida Family, 12/1/1998
"A great idea packaged in the form of a fairy tale. . . . A whimsical lesson piece that should delight while it makes children squirm."

Rock Island Argus, 11/1/1998
"A charming tale . . . a most unusual fairy tale . . . The tale is charming, the illustrations are bright and beautiful; and the hard cover is a rich, embossed purple."